Ready for an epic Sunshine Coast camping adventure but don’t have a van? After spending some time with our pals at Camplify, we realised that with our powers combined, we have your gear covered when it comes to your next camping adventure on the Sunshine Coast.

Ahhh, the Sunny Coast. With over 1,600 square kilometres of pristine beaches and unspoiled nature, including rainforests, mountain ranges and crystal-clear waterways to explore, having the right camping setup will make your trip one to remember forever.

With the rising popularity of online rental marketplaces, you no longer a need to buy a van to access the roads, creeks and beaches less traveled. In fact, why buy when you can rent for a fraction of the price and use it only when you need it. The future is here and it looks golden; now you can worry less about storing a big van and paying registration, and focusing more on having fun!

The Sunshine Coast – A paradise for campers

The Sunshine Coast is all about the outdoors and there’s no better way to experience it than with a campervan.

Fortunately, Camplify has an amazing selection of caravans, motorhomes and RVs available for hire on the Sunshine Coast. From hard-floor camper trailers to trendy converted busses and six-berth caravans with room for the whole family, there’s something for everyone.

To get you sorted for your next Sunshine Coast journey, here’s a couple of the most popular rentals in the region from the Camplify:

Chase the sun in Huey – 2 person campervan

This custom-built campervan is a trendy option for couples or friends.

It’s loaded with everything you need for an epic road trip, including camping gear, kitchenware and bedding. It’s also an incredibly photogenic little vehicle with stylish finishes. Plus, Huey is compact and easy to drive, which no doubt contributes to the fact it’s had over 200 hires.

Enjoy a memorable family trip in the Tornado – 4 person caravan

Grab your suitcase and get ready for the ultimate family trip.

The Tornado is a home away from home with all the bells and whistles. Clean, comfortable and fully equipped with a bathroom and kitchen, it’s ready for adventure from the get-go.

Just grab the family and hit the road. The Tornado is kitted out to ensure that everyone on board has the trip of a lifetime.

Explore amazing mountain biking trails in the Glass House Mountains

It may come as a surprise that our favourite place on the Sunshine Coast isn’t one of the many beautiful white sandy beaches, it’s the Glass House Mountains.

Located just south of Caloundra, this mountain range is so beautiful that it’s listed as a landscape of national significance on the National Heritage Register.

Needless to say, camping adventures on the Sunshine Coast aren’t complete without a trip to see them. Not only do they offer amazing views from the hinterland to the coastline, but there are heaps of awesome mountain biking trails to sample.

Grab a mountain bike in the Glass House Mountains and hit the trails. There are tracks for all skill levels that wind through fragrant pines and ancient rainforests whilst also offering fantastic views of the coast.

Kayak the sheltered waterway of Currimundi Lake

Another adventure popular amongst campers on the Sunshine Coast is kayaking Currimundi Lake.

Sheltered with calm waters that make it incredibly serene, Currimundi Lake offers a kayak route that runs for 6 kilometres through bush and urban areas.

Aerial drone view of beach and Currimundi Lake, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Of course, not everyone wants to travel with the hassle of a kayak. Fortunately, you can hire a variety of kayaks locally and paddle down the slice of paradise that is Currimundi Lake with friends or family.

If Lake Currimundi isn’t to your liking, there’s also the fabulous Maroochy River Trail.

Paddleboard the turquoise waters of Cotton Tree Beach

There are lots of secrets to uncover when it comes to camping adventures on the Sunshine Coast, but paddleboarding is one of the best.

Situated just north of the surf break of Alexandra Headland, Cotton Tree Beach is quite simply bliss for paddleboarders. Due to the sheltered mouth of the Maroochy River, Cotton Tree offers a gentle paddleboarding experience that’s perfect for adventure lovers.

Throw in myriad beachside cafes, charming fishing nooks and cosy restaurants and it’s clear that Cotton Tree Beach is a must-visit destination.

Surf world-class pointbreaks in Noosa

We can’t talk about salty adventures on the Sunshine Coast without mentioning Noosa and its world-famous pointbreaks.

Known as a surfing mecca in this part of the world, Noosa was the go-to spot for surfers back in the 60s and 70s. These days you’re more likely to see luxury SUVs than a Kombi. However, it still retains plenty of the soul that made it so iconic.

Treat yourself and hire a longboard or shortboard to experience some of the longest peeling waves in the land down under. From Noosa’s National Park to Boiling Pot, Granite and Tea Tree Bays, there’s plenty of pointbreaks to choose from.

No matter what adventure you choose, the Sunshine Coast has an adventure just right for you. Browse the Camplify marketplace today and get ready for a trip to remember.

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