Every year, we embark on a journey to the tranquil seaside town of Red Rock, just a 30-minute drive from Coffs Harbour, for some much-needed family bonding. Initially, we resided in a simple yet charming Coleman 10-man tent, which served us well. However, we’ve since observed a recurring weather pattern in the area – heavy rain that lasts for a minimum of two days during our annual visit. As any seasoned camper would know, rainfall can quickly spoil a family vacation, even with the sturdiest of tents, as water and muck eventually seep inside.

To ensure both comfort and sanity during our recent family holiday, we made a pledge to upgrade our sleeping arrangements to something more stable. While the idea of purchasing a caravan briefly crossed my mind, it didn’t make sense as we only take one trip per year. That’s when we stumbled upon Camplify, a platform that connects renters with regular Australians who own campervans. This was the perfect solution to our problem!

Why Camplify?

We had already heard a few rave reviews about this all-Aussie startup, as several of our friends had already rented camper trailers and caravans through Camplify.

  • Plus the booking process is quite straightforward, much like booking a hotel online:
  • Enter your destination and desired dates of stay
  • Browse the search results (you can filter by caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, and vans)
  • Choose your preferred option
  • Await approval from the owner Pay your deposit (with the final payment being debited closer to your stay)

And just like that – you’ve got yourself a mobile home!

The process is so simple and convenient, we actually found ourselves wondering why we hadn’t started using it earlier.

Our Camplify Motorhome Rental: The Breeze

Because our personal vehicle had limited towing capacity, we decided to rent a motorhome from Camplify instead of a caravan. We had enjoyed travelling in a motorhome on our recent trip to Tasmania, so we chose a 6-berth 2007 model Jayco motorhome named The Breeze, which was owned by Paul and based in Yamba. Paul gave us a thorough walkthrough of the motorhome, including how to lock and unlock it, operate the awning, switch the electricity to the backup battery, use the gas stove, fill and empty the water tanks, set up the TV, and empty the toilet cassette.

One of the great things about a motorhome is that it has everything you need on board, just like a house. It’s convenient to have all your essentials right behind you so that you can park anywhere and enjoy your new backyard with minimal setup required. However, if you have never hired a motorhome before, it may take a little getting used to, as it’s almost 7m long and 3m tall. The driver must be mindful of their surroundings, other road users, and potential hazards such as overhanging trees. But once you get used to it, you’ll be cruising on the highway in no time in the ultimate freedom-chasing machine.

From Yamba, we headed to Crescent Head, a quaint surf community about 250km south of Yamba. We spent a couple of days with friends before moving on to Red Rock. The 7-speed manual handled the commute with ease and was surprisingly efficient on diesel fuel. Our first official setup of the motorhome was at the idyllic Crescent Head Caravan Park, which is nestled between the headland and the picturesque saltwater creek. One significant difference between caravans and campervans is the placement of the wheels. With a caravan, you can adjust the levels of the front and rear using hydraulic levellers due to the central axle. With a motorhome, you are largely at the mercy of the camber of your campsite. Fortunately, our site at Crescent was quite flat, so the interior of our van didn’t slope uphill while we slept.

Setup was a breeze, taking only 15 minutes, so we were able to hit the crystal clear waters almost immediately upon arrival. After a couple of days in Crescent Head, we went back up to Red Rock, where setting up the van was virtually second nature after our practice run at Crescent. The only difference at Red Rock was the slope of the campsite; even with the wheel levellers included with our motorhome rental chocked under the front wheels, the van still sloped slightly downwards. There wasn’t much we could do about it, so we just went with the flow.

We enjoyed the next 10 days in our new home thoroughly, with the motorhome’s awning providing ample protection for our fridge and preparation area during the heavy downpours that eventually came. It was nice to be curled up inside during the rain, without the slightest hint of moisture finding its way inside. We cooked mostly on the gas stove inside, but ate outside under a marquee because we believe camping is about the outdoors. While the motorhome’s indoor fridge was ample, we also hired a household fridge to store Christmas essentials such as ham, salads, and additional celebratory beverages. Instead of using the van’s facilities, we opted to use the campground’s shower block because it was more spacious and cleaned daily by the park staff. The only thing we’ll need to consider for future rentals is the bedding configuration, as the main bed at the back of the van and double bunk above the driver’s cabin were completely workable, but as the kids grow older, they may want their own separate beds.

Camplify Insurance Options

When renting from Camplify, it’s important to consider insurance, especially if you plan to travel long distances with the van (although delivery to your campsite is also an option). The last thing you want is to be hit with a large bill for any mishaps that may occur on the road or at your destination during your holiday. Fortunately, Camplify offers three insurance options for your convenience:

  1. Base level – this insurance is included with your hire, but the excess is higher.
  2. Mid level – the excess is reduced, but still significant.
  3. Comprehensive – the excess is much lower.

Please note that the insurance coverage you choose will be an additional cost on top of the nightly rate. It’s important to keep this in mind when budgeting for your upcoming trip.

A helpful tip to consider is to review your existing travel insurance policy, as it may already cover certain scenarios associated with your Camplify rental. This could potentially save you from needing to purchase additional insurance.

Camplify Motorhome Rental – Final Word

Our family thoroughly enjoyed our motorhome during our multi-stop vacation from Yamba to Crescent Head, all the way to our final destination at Red Rock. However, for our upcoming annual trip to Red Rock, we have decided to skip the motorhome and rent a caravan instead. Having it delivered directly to our destination will provide us with an ideal vacation home for our journey. A caravan will give us the added benefit of extra space, with private sleeping quarters featuring bunk beds for the kids and a more spacious central living area. This will be our first caravan experience, and we can hardly wait to give it a try and share our adventures with you

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