About Us

G’day, I’m Jake! Best Camp has grown from a simple blog of travels around Australia to become a buying guide of well researched camping equipment, campers, vans and accessories.

Honestly, in Australia there’s no better place to be than outside.  Whether it’s on the beach, or in the bush, there’s natural beauty all around us.

Best Camp was born out of the concept of ‘getting back to basics‘.  You don’t need flashy gear to get amongst it and enjoy the natural wonders of Australia. All you need is to be well-prepared, practical and to pack your sense of adventure!

I’d like to think we can help you, at the very least in some small way, to get out there and enjoy this great country.

All of our articles are researched and written from scratch.  We can’t review in person every single product in person (believe me, we’d love to!) but we do conduct extensive market research across a variety of forums and buyer review platforms as the basis of our recommendations.  It takes many a long time to do this, but it means you don’t have to.

We love chatting with people who have similar interests, so please feel free to drop us a line regarding anything on this website. We hope you find our content useful.